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Friday, 12 September 2008

Video and Audio Formats that Supports Nokia N70

Most of the users of Nokia N70 face problems while converting videos for their mobile. There are many free softwares available on net for converting videos into 3gp, MP4.... Out of which super is the free and Simplified Universal Player Encoder & Renderer. The videos converted using this software easily works for N70 and it gives super video clarity also.
You can download the software by clicking the below link.

After downloading the software you can follow the below configuration for better video and audio clarity.

Video Format for Nokia N70

set output container - MP4
set output codec - H.263
25 frames/sec
176x144 resolution
Bit rate kbps-1056 (Remeber if you increase the bit rate the size and clarity of the file also increases)

Audio Format

Sampling Freq 22050
Bit rate-128 Kbps. (You can also use 64 kbps, but for better audio clarity I prefer 128 kbps)
64kbps bitrate

1 comment:

anjali4india said...

Please tell me that which nokia handset provide VoIP services and how to install it on my mobile?I am using Vyke's(vyke.con) voip services.Right now i am using it for PC to Mobile calling,but now i want to use it for mob. to mob. calling because its very cheap.
Waiting for the reply....

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