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Monday, 22 October 2007


A.R.Rahman is today's Hottest musician both at home and abroad.
"I hate the discrimination between south, north Tamil, Hindi। If I represent India that is good enough for me। But we should cross all these barriers।"
Vairamuthu, an ace lyricist of Tamil film industry says " I agree wholeheartedly that Rahman is a great composer, but I do wish his music would not totally swamp my lyrics to the extent that nobody can make them out "
Versatile Singer Hariharan excerpts:-
"His strength is the way he designs sound। He has revolutionized film music। He is perpetually on a quest to get the best out of you and makes you feel at ease which is important. I have sung some of my best songs for him."

"Rahman never ceases to amaze me. He is a fine musician as well as a techno-junkie. Give him a set of headphones and he'll rip it apart to understand why it works so well !" - Sound Engineer, H.Sreedhar

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arun said...

like arr no one in indian music

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