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Monday, 3 March 2008

Steps to do when Mobile fell into water

There are several situations in our life; accidentally a mobile may fell into water. Some times it may fell into the toilet; or it may be washed in washing machines along with the dresses, or it may fell into a swimming pool. In most of these conditions there is least possibility of getting the mobile in working status. We should aware of the methods to handle this situation.

After taking the mobile from water
1. You have to switch off the phone if it is not turned off.
2. Remove the battery and Sim as early as possible
3. Then try to dry it naturally. ( ie Wrap in a dry towel )

It may take two or three days to dry the phone completely. The biggest mistake is to be impatience. Make sure you take the battery out. Never try to turn on the phone. Anything electrical when wet, will just short circuit, and forever damage your phone.

These measures will help to regain your mobile. If it is in the working condition, it is better to try another battery. Most of the time, the battery that has been exposed to water is the dud (and you run less risk of screwing your phone again).

Some of the mobile users try to dry the mobile using hair dryer (on warm, not hot) or putting it on the radiator. These methods may results in success but there are always risks associated with it. According to mobile experts, do not place it near any heat or direct sunlight, dry in the shade.

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