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Saturday, 8 March 2008

Raveendran Master-Master of Malayalam Film Music.

Malayalam film Music is blessed with a lot of talents like Dakshinamoorthi,Devarajan, Baburaj, K.Raghavan and many more. But that list is incomplete if we don’t count the outstanding compositions of our musical maestro Raveendran.

In the early stages of his musical career, his dream was to become a singer. But later he realized that he is more talented in creating music rather than singing. Here comes the fortune of Malayalam Film industry. He created scintillating musical scores that brings inexpressible ecstasy in the minds of all audiences.

This aristocratic music director born in Kulathuppuzha, Kollam in 1943 and joined in the Swathy Thirunal Sangeetha College after completion of his school days. He is early known as Kulathuppuzha Ravi and he approached many music composers including Baburaj for a chance to sing a song. But the negligence from these composers forced him to select his real fieldof expertise. ie Music Direction.

It was I.V.Sasi in 1979 for his film Choola introduced this talented guy and a song in that film ie “"Tharake Mizhiyithalil Kannerumayi…" sung by Yesudass became a superhit. After that there is a flow of wonderful compositions like “Ottakkampi naadam”, Thenum Vayampum, Ezhu swarangalum and so on. It will be a tedious task to list all his superhit compositions.

His films "Bharatham", "Amaram" "His Highness Abdulla" "Attakkalasham" "Aaran thampuraan" "Yuvajanotsavam" "Kanmadam" "Kamaladalam", "Aei Auto" ….etc are big musical hits of the industry. His album "Vasanthageethangal" produced by K.J.Yesudas is one of the best sellers in audio industry and a song in that film “Mamankam pala kuri kontaadi” serenaded an entire generation of Malayalees as it eulogized the natural beauty and culture of Kerala.

There was a loving competition exists between Yesudass and Raveendran as he composed some of the most difficult songs, in terms of pitch and complexity of notes for Yesudas. Ravindran has scored music for nearly 400 Malayalam films and half a dozen Tamil films during his career.

A recipient of a national award for his Malayalam film, 'Bharatham', he has also received several state awards.
Leaving scores of his fans desolate, this musical genius died at the age of 61 following a cardiac arrest He is survived by wife Shobha and three sons. His eldest son Naveen Madhav is a playback singer in Tamil film and twin sons Rajan Madhav, a film director and Sajan Madhav, a music composer in Telugu film industry.


Leenu said...

Choola is not directed by IV Sasi its veteran Sasikumar who gave a break to Raveedran. It was made by navaratna movie makers means 9 ffilm technicians funded it, due to yesudas influence he got this opprtunity as it was Yesudas who was assigned the job by the Navratna

Arun G S said...

you are correct Leenu, It is Shri. Yesudas who introduced Raveendran Master, the then Kulathuppuzha Ravi to Ravikumar.
Good Article.

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