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Friday, 5 September 2008

Financial Crimes and Biometric ATMs.

Nowadays criminals are thoroughly engaged in ATM related crimes. Aged persons and laymen are the victims of these crooked criminals. When these old aged people and illiterate persons fumbling with the ATM operations, these criminals will offer them a sincere help. After withdrawing the required money from their accounts, criminals will provide fake ATM cards. These ATM cards are not actually fake; it was also a stolen card of somebody who had been an earlier victim of these criminals.

These types of crimes can be avoided to certain extent using the next generation biometric ATMs. (To know more about Biometrics read this

Finger print recognition, Iris recognition, Retina Recognition, voice recognition are the various biometrics methodologies used in Airports, computer securities..etc.

Finger print recognition is most popular method of biometrics methodologies. Identification of right user by the use of face recognition technology is the latest form of biometric ATMs. Certain banks have piloted an iris recognition system at ATMs A camera takes a digital record of each user’s iris, which is colored portion of the eye. The iris print is stored in a database and is used to verify identity during transactions.

Since PIN codes are replaced by these biometric characteristics, identification of the right user of ATM cards can be identified. Aged and people with physical strains can easily put their thumbs on the pad available at ATMs machines and proceed for their transactions.

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