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Thursday, 7 August 2008

Harris Jayaraj, a talented music director of several sensational songs

If Cricket is a religion, then Sachin Tendulkar is GOD. These placards are the main attractions when Sachin is playing for India. The contributions given by other senior players like Rahul Dravid, Saurav Ganguly and V.V.S Lekshman to Indian Cricket is very fascinating, but truly speaking their achievements may treat always as a shadow to Sachin's records. This is a fact in every fields of our life. Those who excel in their respective fields with luck and ability will be definitely treated as "The Master" of the section.The same thing is also applicable to Tamil Music. The presence of A.R.Rahman in Tamil films reduces the significance of another versatile musical genius like Harris Jayaraj

Most of the compositions of Harris have a resemblance with A.R.Rahman's style of music. But Harris always cleverly keeps his own style in his tunes. Clarity of Music (Sound Perfection) is a unique feature of all his songs. His songs like "Muthal Muthalayi(Leisa Leisa), Uyirin Uyire (Kakka Kakka) and Vaseegara(Minnale) are technically enriched songs with scintillating music scores. The song "Sutrum Vizhi" from the film "Gajni" rocks not only "Tamil Nadu", but also the entire South India

When A.R.Rahman was not available for the film "Anyan", the Mega Director Sankar chose Harris as the music director. That itself reveals the talent of this sensational music director. All the songs of Anyan are mega hits like the songs of previous films of Sankar.

The criticism of Harris pirating music (i.e., "June Ponal " song from Unnale Unnale has strong resemblance with an English song called 'All Rise' by the pop band 'Blue') from western songs is a disappointing factor to this talented musician. But, his melodious compositions like "Vaseegara" and Ayyenkaru (Annyan) attracts everybody with its excellent musical score and inspiring rhythm.

Harris entered into Tamil film Industry through the Film "Minnale in 2001.When Harris is composing music for Gautham, we always expect a mega hit song. Kakka Kakka, Gajni, and Vettayadu Vilayadu gave a brilliant break to this talented musician. He also composed songs for Hindi (Rehna Hai Tere Dil Mein -Remake of "Minnale") and Telugu films.

Harris Jayaraj is the winner of five Filmfare Awards and two tamil nadu state awards.

List of Films Composed By Harris Jayaraj

1. Minnale

2. 12B

3. Majunu

4. Lesa Lesa

5. Vetri

6. Samurai

7. Saamy

8. Arasatchi

9. Kovil

10. Kaaka Kaaka

11. Chellamae

12. Arul

13. Thotti Jaya

14. Ullam Ketkumae

15. Anniyan

16. Ghajini

17. Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu

18. Kumaran

19. Pachaikili Muthucharam

20. Unnale Unnale

21. Vetri Thirumagan

22. Bheema

23. Dhaam Dhoom

24. Sathyam

25. Vaaranam Aayiram

26. Ayan


Sridhar said...

What is the email address of Harris Jayaraj? And his contact numbers?

Meenakshi said...

Dear Sridhar,
I don't know the email adress/contact number of Harris Jayaraj.

jessica said...

Plz plz plz giv me the details of My Favourite musi director Harris Jayaraj. His number or address or his email_id. Plz Plz plz......

Anonymous said...

Hi Harris.

This is Ravi Kantharaj from Australia, nice to see your compositions and everytime you do something special to admire. Thanks for your music and making everyone entertained. I was a studnet Satar Sir around the same time as you. Thanks and Cheers.

Kind regards
Ravi Kantharaj

Mahendran jaganathan said...

Music of Harris jayaraj is HD Quality. Best music director after A R rahman

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