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Friday, 13 June 2008


Dasavatharam, the much awaited blockbuster movie of the acting sensation Kamal Hassan released today with 1000 prints. The latest reports implies that this biggest ever project of Indian Cinema excels audience with its technical expertise rather than its story. Kamal’s 10 different characters never surprises his usual audience since they know the extreme talent of this acting miracle through all his previous roles in Films like “Indian” ,Avvai Shanmukhi”, Alavanthan Guna…etc.

He portrays the following ten characters in the film.
1.Rangarajan – An Iyengar
2.Govind Ramaswamy – Bio- Scientist
3.Fletcher – The Bad man!
4.Naidu – Investigator (He truly captures the heart!!)
5.Boovaragan – A down-to-earth man
6.Mrs. Krishaveni – An old woman
7.One Japanese Guy (I don’t remember his name!)
8.Kaimal - A muslim guy
9. Mr Avataar – A pop singer
10.George W Bush – American President!!

Asin, the talented actress from South India performs the leading role of this film and she plays two different roles. The other major actors and actresses are Mallika Sherawat, Jayapradha, Nagesh, Nepolean, Santhana Bharathi, P Vasu, R Sundarrajan, and Erode Sounder

The film is directed by K.S.Ravikumar, Who already made several gigantic hits in tamil industry which includes the Rajani‘s “Padayappa”, Kamal’s “Thennali” and the list continues.

The producer of this film is Sri. V Ravichandran and Music is done by Himesh Reshammiya

Michael Westmore (Hollywood) is handling make ups for Kamal and rest of the actors/actresses

Director K.S Ravikumar was overjoyed, and said: “No movie of mine has met with such an overwhelming reaction. I’m ecstatic.” All these stars voiced their reactions after a special screening this morning for important people in the film industry. There were several others who emerged from the screening, stunned and congratulating Kamal for pulling of what could prove the movie of the year.

Other’s Opinion about Dasavatharam

Surya: “Stunning. I’m not going to be able to sleep for a month, Dasavatharam will haunt my dreams. “Kamal’s Annachi character is his funniest performance ever.”

Jyothika: “Marvellous. I’ve never seen anything like it”.

Director K.Balachandar didn’t speak – he ran to Kamal and tried lifting him up physically to show his applause. Kamal quickly stopped him and they hugged.

Monorama: “I cried.”

The music of the film is not so good . Though Hemesh has composed awesome songs for this film , most of them are not suitable for this film. Tamil flavor is retained only in the Mukunda number . A.R.Rahman or Harris Jayaraj should have been selected for scoring such technically flourished films rather than taking this type of experiments.

Any way, Kamal should be appreciated for his natural and flexible acting style. That alone makes this film a great success.

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