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Thursday, 14 April 2011


Why Fate is so cruel sometimes? Famous Playback singer K.S Chithra's only daughter Nandana(8 year old) drowned in a swimming pool in Emirates Hills, Dubai. Chitra and daughter have arrived at Dubai to be part of a musical show. (AR Rahman Special Hits Concert, Dubai on April 14, 2011). AR Rahman' sister A.R Rehana, Hariharan, Sadhna Sargam, Benny Dayal, Sayanora, Raihanah, Fathima, Issrath, Neha Nair, Naresh Iyer, Aslam, Dr Narayan, Dilshad, Vijayprakash and other singers and celebrities came to UAE to participate in the concert organised with his famous songs.
KS Chitra and family were preparing to go out for rehearsals of the event in the morning. They saw that the Front door was left open and that Nandana was not inside the house. They went outside and saw Nandana lying in the swimming pool. They took her out from the pool, and rushed her to the hospital. But she was already dead.

KS Chitra is currently 47 years old and she had received her daughter Nandana in 2002. Chitra always used to say that she got Nandana after praying for 15 years to Lord Krishna.
May God give all the strength to Chitra and family to recover from the shock!

1 comment:

Suseelan said...

Really very sad, I don't know how she will cope with this tragedy?
We should all support Nightingale of Kerala to come out of this great tragedy.

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