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Monday, 27 October 2008

Vijayaraghavan, Malayalam Actor back as Hero again

Vijayaraghavan,the son of famous dramatist and Actor N.N.Pillai, back as hero again in the Malayalam Film "Nanthuni". He will act as the character of Nanu Asan and the film is directed by debutant Hari Narayanan. A period flick set in the 1930's, 'Nanthuni' is about a village and its men saved from fatal diseases like 'Small Pox' by the only ayurveda and thantrik acaharya of the area, Nanu Asan.

In the nineties, he acted as hero in lot of films which include "Padanayakan ", directed by Nizar and "British Market". Thereafter, he excelled playing character roles and villains

'Nanthuni' will also have Saikumar, Kalasala Babu, Midhuna and Indrans in other key roles.

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