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Saturday, 25 October 2008

How to include Mathematical Equations in a Microsoft Word Document ?

Microsoft Word is a powerful and widely used application software for documentation purposes. To include mathematical equations in a word file we have to reinstall the MS Office Software using the CD. Choose the custom installation option for installing MS Office on your hard disk.

Then follow the instructions listed below.

“Choose detailed installation options for each application.”Then select “Microsoft Word for windows”

Select “Office Tools

From that select “Equation Editor
Set it as “Run from My computer

After installing the equation editor in your MS Word, open the word document.
Select insert option .

Choose the Object option

From that Select equation editor

Using the editor you can simply type equations using various mathematical symbols.
Remember you can type text using the equation editor. For that set the Style option in the main window on the top to “text”. By defalult it will be set as “Maths” for typing mathematical equations.

You can simply include the equation editor in your main window by the following instructions.

Click on the “Tools” option of the Word Window.

Select Customize option

Click the “commands “ field

Then selecting the insert category on the left side of the box, and finally scrolling down on the right-side of the box until the Equation Editor button was in view.

Once you have located the Equation Editor button, left-click and drag the button up to your toolbar menu.

Now using the equation editor u can simply type all mathematical equations in a word document. Try it now.

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