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Saturday, 17 November 2012


      Founder and chief of the Shiv Sena, Balasaheb Keshav Thackeray died at 3.30 pm after a cardio-respiratory arrest in his Mumbai residence after months of illness. He was 86. Shiv Sena chief was admitted to Lilavati hospital's ICU in Mumbai on 25 July 2012 after he complained of breathlessness. As per reports on 14 November, he has stopped eating and is on continuous oxygen.

  As a right-wing Hindu nationalist, he has attracted numerous controversies.Thackeray began his professional career as a cartoonist with the English daily "The Free Press Journal" in Mumbai, but left it in 1960 to form his own political weekly "Marmik". Through "Marmik", he campaigned against the growing influence of Gujaratis, Marwaris, and southern Indians in Mumbai. In 1966, Thackeray formed the Shiv Sena party to advocate more strongly the place of Maharashtrians in Mumbai's political and professional landscape.

 On February 14, 2006, Thackeray condemned and apologised for the violent attacks by Shiv Sainiks upon a private Valentine's Day celebration in Mumbai. "It is said that women were beaten up in the Nallasopara incident. If that really happened, then it is a symbol of cowardice. I have always instructed Shiv Sainiks that in any situation women should not be humiliated and harassed”.

   On July 28, 1999 Thackeray was banned from voting and contesting in any election for six years from December 11, 1999 till December 10, 2005 on the recommendations of the Election Commission. The six-year voting ban on Bal Thackeray was lifted in 2005. Thackeray is the founder of the Marathi-language newspaper Saamana and the Hindi-language newspaper Dophar Ka Saamana. His followers call him the Hindu Hriday Samraat ("Emperor of Hindu Hearts").

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Shayari said...

He is passes away but not from the mind of maharashtra & he will never passes away from the mind of any who is maharashtrian.

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