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Saturday, 25 September 2010


Many people on Orkut receiving scraps form their friends with words “Bom Sabado!” Remember, these scraps are sent without the consent of Orkut profile owner. Bom Sabado is a Worm which has attacked the social networking service Orkut on September 25, 2010. Orkut Officials and Security Professionals advised users not to Log in Orkut until they clean the Worm. If you’ve logged into Orkut, just clear your cache/cookies and change your Orkut password.
“Bom Sabado” means “Good Saturday” in Portuguese. This Bom Sabado worm flooding scrapbooks and also it seems to be adding affected Orkuteers to new Orkut groups/communities. Those who open the scrap get infected. Some settings are automatically changed and porn communities are added to the profile with out the consent of profile owner.
The worst thing is that the profile owner cannot unjoin from these communities and cannot report this bug to Google
Security Measures:
If you get the bom sabado scrap from any of your friend, close the Orkut immediately. DO NOT VISIT YOUR FRIEND’S PROFILE! Otherwise your cookies will also get stolen and your account will be used to post scrap to your friends.

If you visited infected profile of your friend, automatically some communites will already be added to your account. Try to un join these communities. Then immediately close Orkut and change your Google account’s password, security question, secondary email and mobile number.


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