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Friday, 10 April 2009


Most of the chatting fellows are looking for a software that capture their chatmate’s
Webcam? There are a lot of software’s available. But out of which a good freeware is “Camstudio”. Though all other trial versions capture only 20 seconds, this low size (means 1.30 mb) freeware program lets you to record the webcam movements effectively for unlimited time.

You can direct that software directly from the following link.

After installing the software and running, it will look like this.

Either click on the red circle to record the webcam video or choose file menu, then click record to do so. Just fix the region to adjust where the recording should occur and press record. Then the screen looks like this.

Then press stop when you finished your recording and save the file.

1 comment:

thee kurukkan ( firefox) said...

go for atubecatcher which can record the entire screen within the marked space.

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