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Thursday, 5 March 2009


There are some tricky SMS which confuses everybody. SMS will be in “alphabet missing” type. There will be some clues related to the specified word. But the fact is that the words are not simple ones. While going through the hints about the word, we think that the answer looks very simple. Here is the list of such tricky SMS and their answers.

1.Lovers love it, Friends need it, Relationship starts with it & Life ends with it.

It is - - - d-a- - -z. Reply immediately if you are a genius ?

Answer: - Randeavulz means meeting or date

2. I Am A13 Letter Word Doctors Hate it.
Fishermen Like It.
Children's Like To Eat It.
Who Am I?

Answer:- Chathuringmes: (worms)

• Fishermen love worms as they use it as a bait to catch fish
• Doctors hate worms as worms are parasites that are a cause of various diseases, some of them can even be very fatal
• Children like it in the form of gummy worms or candies.

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