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Tuesday, 17 February 2009

SUN DTH E16 Error Message & Solutions

Most of the SUNDIRECT customers are now familiar with the E16 error message.
Added packages are not available after getting this error message. i.e. only Doordarsan Channels, Amritha, B4u, Etc will be shown in the miniscreen.

I have this problem on Sunday (15-02-09); I missed the fist 20-20 between Australia and New Zealand. I already subscribed for Star Cricket (Rs.32/ Month), Neo Cricket & Neo Sports (Rs.46/month). So desperately I dialed the toll free customer care number. Then dialed other customer care numbers of Kerala. But later I knew that all my efforts were only a mere time killing process. The result of each call was "Number Busy". Then on Monday, I contacted the local agency of SUN DIRECT, they told me to switch on the SUN channel (i.e. 100th channel) for 2 hours, the problem will be solved. I did so. But no more advantage by doing so..

Then on Tuesday I contacted them again. They asked my customer-id and I gave that number to them. In the evening of that day, I contacted them again; they said that the problem will be rectified soon as they mailed my customerid to the service centres.

Then I switched on the Sun channel for nearly 2 hours and after that I restarted SUN Direct. Fortunately that problem was solved, now all channels are available.

There is an option called “Reset Factory Settings" in the menu of SUN DIRECT. We can solve any problem related with improper use of remote and channels tuning by resetting the factory settings. A password will be asked for doing this task. Enter 0000 as password, then Dish will automatically search for all channels, all the problems related with channels will be rectified.

Customer support of SUN DIRECT should be improved; otherwise many desperate customers will opt for other DTH services

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