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Friday, 27 February 2009


Music is an ecstasy. Musicians and singers are gifted personalities. We are fans of a lot of singers and musicians. Every singer has their own style of singing. Hariharan and Udit Narayan sung a lot of super hit songs. But both of them have their own style while singing a song. This unique style of singing may even cause some limitations for certain 'type' songs. But that doesn’t imply that they are not good up to the level. So it is utter foolishness to compare singers. Same is also applicable to Music Directors. Lot of Orkut communities and forums discuss this question.

A.R.Rahman or Illayaraja Who is best?

Die hard fans of both Rahman and Illayaraja merely engaged in finding the fault with their opponents. But the fact that both of them excelled in their respective fields and created evergreen songs. So what is wrong with the Gazal maestro “Jagjith Singh”?

“For ghazal maestro Jagjit Singh, Rahman's music is not 'real music'; and he has challenged the Oscar nominated music composer to sing ghazals. Jagjit Singh accused Rahman of copying western tunes and giving a Indian touch to them. He also went on to criticize Gulzar for writing such lyrics and said that a man from such literary background should not write such ordinary songs.”

Jagjit Singh

So the fact is that Jagjit Singh is not so impressed with A.R.Rahman’s works. But he thinks that he is the only authority of Gazal music. So how he thinks if Rahman challenges him to compose contemporary Bollywood music or a peppy number/rap item?

Even the opponents of Rahman agree that Rahman is a versatile music director. I think he had already composed a lot of Gazal type songs. But he never informs the press that he composed a Ghazal song. He never attacked any of his fellow music directors. He even admired the music of “Dil to Pagal Hai”. He gives complete freedom for even the new singers. It is this simplicity and politeness helped him to achieve higher goals in his entire career.

So the only thing we can understand from Jagajith Singh’s word is “pure jealousy”. So I think this is the apt reply for you, Jagjith Singh, the Only Gazal Maestro of World.

“If you want to criticize, do not pass comments in the press, but make something better than it and prove it to the world”.

A.R.Rahman’s remarks about criticism


Anonymous said...

Oscar is meant for whites and Rahman got it because film is directed by an american, otherwise kamalhassan would have got it years back or even ilayaraja who is incomparable with anybody else in the film music....

If Jagjith Singh accused of copying, he should come up with proofs of original...

Popularity of any thing or anybody does not mean it/he is always righteous. I do not think at this old age Jagjit Singh needs to be jealous of Rahman.... because whoever listens to Jagjit Singh will remain as such and vice versa.. I dont think a genuine musician tries copying or any other things to get "popularity" or to "prove himself" like Rahman says!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If Oscar is only for white... then how the Iranian, Korean Films get Oscar?

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