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Monday, 23 February 2009


A.R.Rahman, the name even clarified as a symbol of scintillating music, finally won the great battle of OSCAR. Be proud that Rahman is an Indian and he is the first Asian musician to win two Oscars. He won oscar for best background score and for his song "Jai Ho". The millionaire of music from Madras achieved this highest goal at the age of 42. He has been nominated for three awards. One for Best music and two for songs, Jai Ho & Oh Saya
I first time heard his music in the 10th class youth festival. The song was “En Veetil Thottathil” from the Tamil Film” Gentle Man”. After hearing that song my mind was in ecstasy by the background music and rhythm of that song. I never care about music in those days. But after hearing that wonderful composition, I am really addicted to his music like every diehard fans of A.R.Rahman. Every his song is flourished with great background score.

Then a hobby is developing in my day to day life. I am forced to buy every film songs and compositions by A.R.R. I even watch many flop films only because of its music directed by rehman. I am a lover of both fast numbers and melodious tunes. I enjoyed “Telephone Money” and “Pacha Kilikal “from Indian in the same mood.

My aspect of Rahman’s music is here:

1. Most of his hit songs are starting with repeating words
“Mukkala Mukkabla, Urvasi Urvasi, Columbus Columbus., Soniya Soniya Chinna Chinna asai, like Tamil Hits.
Moula Moula (Delhi-6) Zindagi Zindagi (Yuvraj), latto latto (Gajini), Bar Bar , Mitwa (Lagan) and the list continues in Hindi.

2. Some of his songs at the first time may not impress us. By hearing two or three times, we will definitely like that songs and that songs will became our favourite ones.

3. Clarity of music is excellent. Every sound is as clear as a crystal. When hearing songs very carefully or with head phone we will discover a number of bit sounds. Now many musicians (like Harris Jeyaraj from Tamil) are imitating his style of music.

I personally like his attitude towards other musicians. I read that A.R.R admired Utham Singh’s work in “Dil To Pagal Hai”. Most of the musicians are very strict about their tunes, but ARR give complete freedom to singers. Another important quality of him is that he discovered many youthful talents, introduced them into film world by giving them hit numbers.

Unbreakable achievements:
1. ARR was the first artist to be signed by Sony in South-East Asia.

2. ARR was the first Indian Music Director to win the Golden Globe Award

Future achievements:
Let’s hope he will achieve these landmarks in the near future

1. The first Asian composer to win Oscar Award twice.
2. The first Asian composer to win more than one Golden Globe Award.

Doubts about Rahman:

When he focused in Bollywood his Tamil Films reduced to a certain extent. Now after getting the Oscar, he is internationally noticed. So other Hollywood directors will definitely search for him. So we, Indians miss his blolywood/tollywood numbers in the near future?

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