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Sunday, 14 December 2008


There are so many short cut keys are available for using EXCEL spreadsheets. Most of the operations are performed by using simple keys instead of mouse clicks. Here are some short cut keys that will definitely help you to perform the operations in Excel in a faster manner.

Auto sum shortcut key:
For calculating the auto sum of selected cells, highlight the cells using the shift keys and then press ALT and =

Quickly undo:
In the most application software’s like Word, Excel...etc you can quickly undo the previous operation by pressing Ctrl+Z

Quickly copy the contents of above cells.
By Pressing CTRL + SHIFT we can select the contents of the above cells. Then by using the familiar key CTRL + C we can copy the contents of above cells and paste the contents anywhere in the spreadsheet by pressing CTRL +V.

Create underlines .
We can easily create underlines by selecting the text and then press CTRL + U If we have to continue that underline, then press SHIFT + Space for each underlined space you wish to create.

Create hyper links in Excel:
We can easily create hyper links in Excel, Word, or Front Page document by highlighting text and pressing "CTRL + K".

Repeat recent action: Using the F4 key in Microsoft Office we can repeat the last used action. For example, if we have changed the font of a selected text and wish to change another portion of text to the same font, we just press F4 and see the results.

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