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Saturday, 22 March 2008

Vaikom Muhammed Basheer

Vaikom Muhammed Basheer,a famous genius writer from Kerala, simply known as “Bepur Sulthan” gave excellent contributions to Malayalam Literary field by challenging the grammatical rules of Malayalam Language. Most of his die hard fans enjoy his unique style of writing and admires the bits of humor in his literary works.

He came into Malayalam Literary field with a bombastic “Prema Lekhanam” in 1943. Thereafter he gave a lot of interesting masterpieces like “Pathummayude Adu, Balaykaala Sakhi, NtuppaappakkoranEndaarnn…..etc.

His works are very simple and he narrates stories in a way that can be easily understandable by even ordinary people. So he never bothered about the peculiar conventional style of literary works. His works are best sellers of Malayalam because of his unique style of narrating the story and innocent humor always plays a major role for this popularity.

All his works are published by D.C.Books, one of the leading publishers in Kerala under the name “Basheer-Sampoornna Krithikal” in two volumes. A real lover of Malayalam literature definitely buys these books and keeps these two volumes as a treasure.

The entire list of Books written by him is as shown below.

1.Prema Lekhanam(1943)
2.Balykala Sakhi(1944)
3. Kathabeejam(1945)
6.Anarkha Nimisham(1946)
8.Viddikalude Swargam(1948)
9. Ntuppaappakkoranendaarnnu(1951)
10.Maranathinte Nizhalil(1951)
11.Mucheettukalikkarante Makal(1951)
12.Pavappettavarude Vesya(1952)
13.Sthalathe pradhana Divyan(1953)
14.Anavaariyum Ponkurisum(1953)
15.Jeevitha Nizhalppadukal(1954)
16.Viswa Vikhyathamaya Mookk(1954)
18.Pathummayude Adu(1959)
20.Oru Bhagavadgeethayum Kure Mulakalum(1967)
21. Thara Specials(1968)
22.Manthrika Poocha(1968)
24.Ormayude Arakal(1973)
26.Chirikkunna Marappava(1975)
27.Bhoomiyude Avakaasikal(1977)
28.Anuraagathinte Dinangal(1983)
29.Bhargavi Nilayam(1985)
31. Sinkidi Munkan(1991)
32.Cheviyorkkuka ! Anthimakaahalam(1992)

(Book information Courtesy-D.C.Book’s “Basheer Sampoorna Krithikal Vol-I&II”)

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